List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India


Are you searching for the highest paying jobs in India? Many students fall into this dilemma after they complete their studies. Today we will discuss some of the top jobs where you can get the highest salaries.

Each and every person want to earn more and more money. That’s why we start finding the highest paying jobs in India. However, salaries are dependent on many factors, such as education, qualifications, and experience.

Although, there are still some highest paying jobs in India where you don’t need a higher qualification or education. Sometimes your personal talent and skills can lead you to earn more than other highly qualified people.

Therefore, we will discuss both types of highest paying jobs in India where you need a qualification or where you don’t need any certifications.

List of Contents

  • List of Highest Paying Jobs In India
    • 1. Business Management
    • 2. Doctors
    • 3. Air Hostess Or Cabin Crew
    • 4. Chartered Accountants
    • 5. Commercial Pilot
    • 6. Aeronautical engineer
    • 7. Actor
    • 8. Company Secretary
    • 9. Lawyer
    • 10. Civil Services
    • 11. Master Chef or Executive Chef
    • 12. Web Developer
    • 13. Data Scientist
    • 14. IPS:
    • 15. IAS:

List of Highest Paying Jobs In India

These jobs can easily help you to choose a prosperous career plan for your future. Undoubtedly, mostly jobs need hard work and dedication both. So get ready to start the journey to find out the latest highest paying jobs in India.

1. Business Management

Business Management or Business analysts are the highest paying jobs in India. These people can easily get a package of 20 to 30 lakh rupees yearly as a fresher.

Mostly high paying jobs need lots of experience. Fortunately, MBA can help you to get huge packages as a fresher as well. This is the only course where US companies can also hire you directly from your college. That’s why this is the highest paying job in India.

Nevertheless, there are thousands of colleges that provide MBA courses in India. But they can’t help you to get these higher salaries. You need to choose a college or university from top B-schools In India.

Some of the most prestigious colleges for Mba in India are IIM, IIT, Delhi University, IIFT, SPJIMR, JBIM, and XLRI. You can easily visit their website to check their last year’s placements and salaries. You also need to pass their entrance exam to get admission to these colleges.

Business management studies can also help you to become CEO of big companies in the future. There are many examples of CEOs coming from IIM and IIT who are earning millions of dollars every year.

Qualification & Eligibility: Graduation in any stream. 

2. Doctors

As we all know, doctors are the most reputed and highly paid professionals. A fresh medical student can easily earn around 1 to 2 lakh a month. After that, mostly Doctors work for personal clients after their jobs which also helps them increase their earnings.

Unfortunately, every science student is not capable to become a doctor. MBBS is the required course for every aspiring student. Moreover, the competition in this industry is too high. Millions of students try to get admission for this course but only a few percent of students can get success.

If you are very good at science studies and you were the topper in the class. Then you should definitely try for this exam. However, if you are an average student like me. You should scroll down to find some other options.

Qualifications & Eligibility: 10+2 with science stream. 

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